What Makes Someone Great?

Be Great Every Day!

What makes someone great and what does it mean to be great?

To different people being great can mean different things. It can mean being the best at your chosen profession. To others it can mean always doing your best regardless of your circumstances. Still to others it means to always being there for others. There might be a . . .

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October 22, 2015

Jumping into the world of blogging

Looking to provide value while building HR capacity and eliminating hassle. Be Great Every Day!

So I have finally decided to jump into the world of blogging. It is my intent to bring value to others with my blogs. Here is some background on myself and what I plan on blogging about.

I recently retired as a Major from the U.S. Army where I spent 25 years doing HR and I have many great experiences to blog about from those years.

. . .

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October 18, 2015


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